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  • Liam 6:11 pm on September 29, 2014 Permalink  

    Arnold expo to promote kickboxing talents 

    Australia is gearing up for the Arnold Fitness Expo that is going to be held in March. It is tipped to be a huge sport and fitness expo in and thereby the excitement surrounding it is also quite noticeable. Muay Thai and kickboxing encompasses a major part of the plan as far as sports are concerned. Amateurs from all across the country will be gathering to show off their kickboxing skills and a blend of the classical way of fighting along with new techniques of combat will be showcases by the athletes. Registrations have opened and the response has been overwhelming. A lot of aspirants have been signing up for the competitions. The venues have been set up along with some new technological improvements. The organizers have put in a lot of effort to set up the arenas and provide enough comfort to the spectators as well.

    The kickboxing festival is one of its kinds and it is surely going to throw up a lot of new talent from Australia. The locals are looking forward to see their own people in action. The expo will also include an exhibition regarding the latest inventions in sports technology. The competitors will go through some rigorous qualifying process. They will be competing against one another in various centers all across the country. The ones who will be selected through competition shall have the opportunity to compete in the actual league. The actual competition is going to be held on 13th 14th and 15th of March 2015. This is going to be a massive opportunity for the local talent. Each and everyone is looking forward to put forth their best so that they can realize the ultimate dream of competing in a professional league. However the greatest attraction of the event will be Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

  • Liam 2:34 pm on August 26, 2014 Permalink  

    Chael Sonnen Background 

    Chael Sonnen is a former professional Mixed Martial Artist who is most notably remembered for his stint in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, the premier Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the world where he contended for the UFC Light Heavyweight and UFC Middleweight Championships.

    Having begun his career his career as a wrestler at a very young age, Sonnen quickly turned his attentions to Mixed Martial Arts and upon graduating from high school, he wanted to carve out a career in the UFC. In his first ever match as a professional Mixed Martial Artist, the American defeated Ben Hailey before going on to record five more wins.

    His first loss came at the hands of Trevor Prangley and suffered another loss via a triangle choke at the hands of future UFC star Forrest Griffin.

    The American Gangster was soon given a chance to impress in the UFC after being signed up by the promotion but was later released following a 1-2 record in the promotion. Not one to be bogged down, Chael Sonnen joined Bodog Fight before signing for World Extreme Cage Fighting or WEC where he became an immensely popular heel figure.

    After the WEC was disbanded following its acquisition by the UFC, Sonnen returned to the promotion of his dreams where he began fighting as a Middleweight in the 185 lbs. division.

    Over time, the American developed a feud with reigning UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva and landed two consecutive shots at the title, losing both before returning to the Light Heavyweight division. Chael Sonnen lost his only championship match in the division to Jon Jones as well.

    Sonnen was slated to fight at the finale of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 but was caught for doping and was subsequently suspended for two years, upon which, he announced his retirement from the sport.

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    Successful Taekwondo Club in Thompson Town High School, Jamaica 

    Taekwondo is not very popular among the rural areas of Jamaica but it has certainly been making an impact in the Thompson Town High School situated in Clarendon. A club with 25 members was initiated in 2012 and has been doing extremely well since then. The idea of having a taekwondo club is the innovation of the President of the Jamaican Taekwondo Academy, Trevor Webb.

    Webb took a holistic approach and advocates students keeping up their grades besides taking part in extracurricular activities like taekwondo. He has organized many taekwondo camps in Kingston and tries to ensure that schoolwork gains just as much importance.

    Lately training has been more intense than usual as they plan on participating in numerous tournaments this year. Not only will they take part in 10 tournaments in Jamaica itself, but those members of Thompson High who have been selected will fly to the United States of America Open.

    Thompson Town High had emerged victorious in their very first championship in 2013 and proud Principal Richard Morgan heaps praises on them. He is elated by the fact that this team from such a small rural area was able to achieve something like this. He plans on helping this team to defend their taekwondo title and keep the trophy.

    The benefit of this club is that it gives the students a chance to take part in extracurricular activities and do something more. They can develop themselves in something beyond academics. It teaches the students discipline and self-control, something that is truly required in today’s day and age.

    10th grade student, Julian Cole has been one of the most outstanding taekwondo students, earning for her school twelve medals and two trophies.  She claims that training, perseverance and discipline are the motivating factors of her success.

    They are now looking for sponsorships to help equip students with uniforms and other equipment.

  • admin 10:35 am on June 4, 2014 Permalink  

    Chael Sonnen calls out Rich Franklin 

    Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Light Heavyweight contender Chael Sonnen has claimed once again that he is sure Wanderlei Silva will weasel his way out of the scheduled match between the pair, either by feigning injury or come up with yet another unique excuse to not step inside the UFC Octagon come July.

    The two fighters who share a long history of verbal attacks have been assigned as opposing coaches for the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil and will go head to head against each other in July at UFC 175. However, the American doesn’t think the Axe Murderer will show up for the fight and he is already looking to secure a fight against someone else as a backup plan.

    And his choice of opponent is none other than the former UFC Middleweight champion Rich Franklin. The American Gangster took to Twitter recently and called out the legendary Middleweight, and went as far as saying that he would be the one who finishes off the career of Ace.

    And although there is no actual proof of Wanderlei Silva looking for a way out of the match against Chael Sonnen, the loud mouth American is very keen on Ace taking the place of the Brazilian at UFC 175.

    Franklin has not fought inside the UFC Octagon since he suffered a knockout defeat in November 2012 in the UFC’s first ever event in Macau and although he has stated that he wants to have one more fight before calling it quits, he is not sure when or against whom that fight will be.

    Just a few weeks ago, Ace was offered a fight against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC Fight Night 40 in Cincinnati. And if he can turn down a fight in his own backyard, there are certainly question marks over whether he will heed to the demands of Chael Sonnen.

  • admin 4:27 am on February 11, 2014 Permalink

    White says GSP, Anderson Silva absence won’t hurt UFC 

    Those avid fans of Mixed Martial Arts, especially the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC know its president Dana White to be a man of passion.

    While there have been debates over his comments in the past, such as when he said that the UFC was bigger than the NFL or his opinion of the best Pound for Pound fighter in the world, he is a man known to never back off from his stance.

    And recently, he mentioned that he is not at all worried despite the recent loss of star power from the UFC with the sabbatical undertaken by Georges St. Pierre and the injury to Anderson Silva. Both will not be seen inside the UFC Octagon for quite some time but White believes the UFC is in a position to make do without two of its biggest pay-per-view cash cows.

    White stated that until recently, when the legendary Brazilian Vitor Belfort was kicked right in the face by Anderson Silva, nobody cared about him. And all of a sudden he became a huge star and White mentioned that people were starting to ask him what he would do when he left.

    But according to White, the window of opportunity in sport is very little, adding that there will always be someone there to take up a place when it is vacant and another one after that.

    He also thinks people will change their stance again if Chris Weidman manages to beat Vitor Belfort to retain the UFC Middleweight Championship and he is even sure that there will be comparisons with Anderson Silva as well.

    The UFC boss also said fighters like Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture and Matt Hughes helped elevate the status of the UFC but they have all left and the UFC has survived and it will survive now too.

  • admin 12:41 pm on December 16, 2013 Permalink
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    Jones – Teixeira booked for March 15 

    Jon Jones will put his Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship belt on the line against fellow Brazilian Glover Teixeira in a headlining fight at a pay per view event of the UFC on the 15th of March.

    The match has been confirmed by officials of the UFC after there were widespread rumors regarding the match-up in several media outlets. The bout, which will take place at UFC 171 and according to the industry experts, it has all the potential to be one of the top grossing pay per view events of the promotion of the year.

    The UFC had made announcements about the event and also mentioned the booking of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas for the event but before, they hadn’t made any decisions on the main event of the fight card.

    Jones, who has a professional record of 19-1, holds the record of most number of Light Heavyweight Championship defenses in the UFC with six defenses to his name and he will be looking to take the record to seven with the match against Teixeira.

    The Brazilian defeated Alexander Gustafsson in his last defense of the title in September in match that is a candidate for the prestigious Fight of the Year award. But Jones sustained an injury during the match and will be out of action till the turn of the year, after which, he will return to training as he aims to be fit for the March 15th bout.

    Teixeira, on the other hand, has a 20 match winning streak behind him in his professional record of 22-2 and he will be looking to take the title from Jones, who has become one of the most dominant champions in the history of the UFC since his move to the promotion.

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    The Fun of Online Gaming 

    You can ask every sports fan you know: every game is more exiting when there’s a spicy bet riding on the outcome. Why? Because every turn in the game, every goal, every point is now worth more than just excitement. You are cheering not only for your team, you cheer for your own winnings! (More …)

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    Glover admits overconfidence almost cost him 

    Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Light Heavyweight Championship contender Glover Teixeira earned his shot at the gold belt held by Brazilian compatriot Jon Jones beating Ryan Bader via technical knockout in the first round of their match at UFC Fight Night 28 last month but he is the first to admit that he came extremely close to letting that opportunity slip between his fingers.

    Before he landed the deadly combination that floored Bader and earned him the win, the Brazilian was actually rocked on the feet, something, he says never even saw coming. And speaking to a media outlet, he stated that it was a lesson that he will keep in his memory forever. He mentioned that he was really confident ahead of the fight, maybe a bit complacent even. (More …)

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    Mendes wants either of Jose Aldo or Ricardo Lamas 

    Chad Mendes underwent the proverbial hell and did everything he could possibly do to become the standout member in Team Alpha Male as well as making sure that he wasn’t the odd fighter out in the crowded picture for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Featherweight Championship and also became the first man to knock out Clay Guida in his 44 fights as a professional.

    And with the victory, Mendes has amassed a record of four straight wins in the division since he lost his last match against the reigning UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 142. And now, Money believes he has done more than enough to earn another crack at the Brazilian and his title and he has another back up plan up his sleeve if Aldo isn’t healthy enough to get back inside the UFC Octagon any time soon.

    In a recent tweet, Mendes called out Jose Aldo and told him it was time for a rematch for the title, adding that at this moment, he doesn’t see anyone other than himself as the number one contender for the UFC Featherweight Championship.

    He also sent out another tweet to Ricardo Lamas, mentioning that if Aldo isn’t fit enough to make it to Octagon, the two of them should fight each other to decide who the number one contender for the title should be. Mendes is currently the top ranked fighter in the 145 lbs division but he will have a difficult time if he has to face Lamas, who is also on a four match winning streak.

    However, it is unclear what the next move for Jose Aldo would be after Dana White categorically refused to confirm that they were ever in talks for a super fight against Anthony Pettis, who will face TJ Grant for the 155 lbs title.

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    Jon Jones slams arrogant Anderson Silva 

    Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones openly criticized the deposed UFC Middleweight champion and his compatriot Anderson Silva at a press conference promoting his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship match against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165. According to Bones, he believes things have gone to an extent with Anderson where he really has started believing in his gift and has begun to abuse it as well.

    He went on to state that Anderson disrespected the gift that he has by disrespecting the opponent in front of him. And the 25 year old has every reason to be upset with the long serving former champion who was knocked out in the middle of the second round in the middle of his trademark showboating. Ranked as #1 and #2 respectively in terms of Pound for Pound fighting, Jones and Silva were on the verge of facing each other in money spinning super fight.

    And Bones elaborated by stating that Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that traditionally is based on integrity and honor and also deals with treating one’s opponent with the due respect. And Jones mentioned that somehow in the middle of it, Anderson lost sight of it and he paid the ultimate price for it. According to Jones, he thinks Anderson Silva just got a bit too disrespectful and he paid the price for it, adding that the gods of war made him pay for it. However, Jones mentioned that it doesn’t take anything away from him and he is still as great as he always was in his book.

    Jon Jones also stated that the loss suffered by Anderson also motivates him to do well in his upcoming fight and hold on to his title even more now that the eyes of the country will be on him.

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