Frankie Edgar should be accepted among the best MMA fighter according to wishes of many fans. Frankie Edgar is being hailed for his style. He was overtly impressive during the match against Penn. He didn’t give him any chance to recover.

In the four-round fight it was Edgar who dominated the proceedings against Penn. Since then he is being praised left, right and centre for his extraordinary skills. He is new MMA champion.

However, many in the industry are not ready to accept Edgar as a champion. They talk about an earlier match with Penn when he lost it. There are mixed reactions over the burning issue. But there is no doubt to the fact that Edgar played well this time.

He had learned some lessons from his earlier defeat. And he made sure this time that his strategies work. Form the time when both the fighters stepped into the octagon it was Edgar who had dominated the fight.

That doesn’t mean that Penn meekly surrendered. He too tried his best to pin down Edgar. But this time it was Edgar who turned the table on his past tormentor Penn. And he did it with great success. But the time the match entered into the four rounds it was clear who the winner was. (More …)