MacDonald wanted Condit but got BJ Penn 

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC and its president Dana White wanted The Prodigy BJ Penn to come out of his retirement so badly that over the past two months, they had been cajoling the former UFC Welterweight fighter with two huge draws; first with the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Josh Koscheck and then again with Rory MacDonald, the up and coming 22 year old fighting sensation from Canada in an attempt to goad the former two division champion to end his premature retirement from the industry.

And although the first of their attempts fell on deaf ears, Penn has decided to end his retirement and come back to the octagon to fight against Rory MacDonald at UFC 152, slated to be held at Toronto, Canada. Although the young UFC Welterweight fighter acquiesced to the requests of the UFC hierarchy, he wanted to fight against Carlos Condit, the only man who has managed to blemish his near perfect record in the company by inflicting on him his first loss in the UFC.

And the 22 year old with a 3-0 record since the knockout victory of Condit over him made no secret that he wanted to fight him again but did say that the chances were bleak as the interim UFC Welterweight Champion busy at the moment when the UFC approached him with a proposal to fight BJ Penn, which he gleefully accepted.

Penn has not stepped inside the UFC octagon since he was defeated by Nick Diaz back in 2011, but The Prodigy will be looking for victory against Ares and sending out a signal to Georges St Pierre, the poster boy of Tri-Star. And MacDonald, too, knows that a victory against BJ Penn will also land him a match with the man who has been his conqueror once as well.