Chael Sonnen should Focus on Forrest Griffin 

We have all experienced this in some form or another. In a team sport, there are, on some occasions, an overwhelming favorite and an underdog ahead of a match. But there have been many instances when the favorite have been laid flat by the underdog. And the question here would be is the former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen heading for a similar fate?

There is no doubt that Sonnen is an overwhelming favorite against the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin when they fight each other in December in Las Vegas. Although the Vegas line doesn’t show Sonnen as the overwhelming favorite, anyone who has seen Griffin in action in his last match against Tito Ortiz will know that he is long past his days in the sun. It would be extremely irresponsible to think that Chael Sonnen is not smart or experienced enough to take Griffin lightly.

However, for anyone who has seen how Sonnen acts, it can be said that he is extremely calculating in the way he conducts himself. However, it would be a bit reassuring for the fans and the management of the UFC to see him focus his energy in public to the match against Griffin, instead of running his mouth over a possible match against Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

Sonnen just doesn’t talk about the fight with Griffin. Instead, he just keeps on talking about a way to save UFC 151 and his intervention in the event by fighting Jones for the title. And Chael Sonnen should probably be aware of the fact that if he loses the match against Forrest Griffin would put him in the back for a shot at the title, something he faced in the Middleweight division, causing him to switch classes.