Frankie Edgar wanted to have a rematch with fighter Benson Henderson and this has finally been granted. UFC president Dana White has reportedly tweeted and mentioned that the fight is scheduled to take place this summer although the date, place and time have not yet been fixed. The basic reason for the rematch is that Frankie Edgar wants to fight out Benson again as he feels he could have put up a better fight compared to the last where he lost unanimously and was terribly trashed by Benson who went on to win the lightweight title. Frankie feels it’s time to pay back and get revenge for what has happened.

It was quite a surprise decision as till yesterday it was unknown as to who would be fighting Benson for the ultra competitive light weight championship. There were quite a few names that were thrown around, but to finally have someone who was desperate for this match is quite surprising. Frankie Edgar is however on the top of the world and is practicing constantly to ensure he manages to win the championship in the light weight division this time. Edgar is on a winning spree as of now and has managed to win six out of the eight matches fought recently. There is no stopping him if he is dedicated and adamant on making the win. However, one should never under estimate Benson as well who indeed managed to defeat Frankie Edgar the first time.

Benson Henderson has quite an amazing profile as well to flaunt and has lost just one match since 2007. These statistics just go on to show his excellent skills and how he has managed to put on an excellent show each time he goes on the stage. Both these players are at the peak of their career as and have not had a loss for quite some time.

This just shows that each of them needs to practice more to better themselves and finally make sure that they make use of the right strategy on the final day. Fighting your competitor requires skill and patience and a lot of strategy which will not come until you carefully observe your opponent’s move. Let’s hope that Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson manage to put up a good fight – the winner will face Forest Griffin. It is quite difficult to give an analysis at this stage with both being at their best.