Practicing a single martial arts style is not difficult but now the knowledge of different martial arts styles is becoming the necessity of the fighters. The trend is leaning towards to the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and this is the reason that many sports person and players practice MMA. The number of fighters who are practicing MMA is increasing. The successful fighters now believe that no single martial arts style is better than the best moves of all other styles. The fighters now want to punch like a boxer, throw like a Judo expert and kick like a Taekwondo expert.

Some fighters are good, but you never bet on them; some fighters may be weaker, but you enjoy betting on them, and some fighters may be rated so great by everybody else that you bet on them merely because of their reputation. In general you bet on fighters who have won your trust, as you feel safer while betting on them. You can become a trusted fighter in UFC only when you win consistently, which needs you to have learnt the best moves of all the different martial arts styles.

Winning once is easy but to continue the serial of winning is difficult, and it could be possible only if you have reserved too many moves to apply on your opponents. You could continue your winning series in UFC only if you know the defensive moves against the attacking moves of different styles of martial arts.

UFC Workouts
The UFC fight styles are different for different fighters so the workouts are also different for different fighters. The UFC workout of the fighter Randy Couture Military press x 8, Bent rows x 8, Lunges x 8 for each leg, Upright rows x 8, Deadlift x 8 and Squat push press x 8.