Rampage tells Chael Sonnen to Leave the UFC 

Quinton Rampage Jackson has blasted fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC fighter Chael Sonnen after his crushing second round knockout defeat at the hands of the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 148, stating that he should keep his words and walk out of the company. These comments from Rampage stem from the fact that Sonnen had challenged Silva to a ‘loser leaves town’ fight last year, when he was on a verbal rampage against Mixed Martial Artists from Brazil and promised to leave the UFC if Silva managed to defeat him in a rematch of their earlier UFC Middleweight Championship fight.

Sonnen had called out Anderson Silva at the end of last year with an offer that he would walk out of the promotion if he was beaten and a promise that Silva would do the same if he was beaten. With such high stakes, the UFC granted a rematch to Chael Sonnen for the UFC Middleweight Championship, but he had withdrawn his offer by that time and Silva crushed him at UFC 148, knocking him out with a kick after just two rounds into the match.

And although it is being believed that Sonnen is considering retiring from the industry, Quinton Rampage Jackson believes that no one in the UFC will miss his fellow American. Speaking to MMA Elite, Rampage, in his usual style stated that Sonnen was a disgrace in the match against Silva and added that he should find himself a company which would love his trash talking nonsense.

Chael Sonnen had branded Rampage as a cry-baby earlier in the year and many believe these heated comments from Rampage are just means of exacting revenge on the former UFC Middleweight contender. Rampage also stated that he hated the guts of Sonnen and would be glad if he left.