Jon Jones slams arrogant Anderson Silva 

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones openly criticized the deposed UFC Middleweight champion and his compatriot Anderson Silva at a press conference promoting his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship match against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165. According to Bones, he believes things have gone to an extent with Anderson where he really has started believing in his gift and has begun to abuse it as well.

He went on to state that Anderson disrespected the gift that he has by disrespecting the opponent in front of him. And the 25 year old has every reason to be upset with the long serving former champion who was knocked out in the middle of the second round in the middle of his trademark showboating. Ranked as #1 and #2 respectively in terms of Pound for Pound fighting, Jones and Silva were on the verge of facing each other in money spinning super fight.

And Bones elaborated by stating that Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that traditionally is based on integrity and honor and also deals with treating one’s opponent with the due respect. And Jones mentioned that somehow in the middle of it, Anderson lost sight of it and he paid the ultimate price for it. According to Jones, he thinks Anderson Silva just got a bit too disrespectful and he paid the price for it, adding that the gods of war made him pay for it. However, Jones mentioned that it doesn’t take anything away from him and he is still as great as he always was in his book.

Jon Jones also stated that the loss suffered by Anderson also motivates him to do well in his upcoming fight and hold on to his title even more now that the eyes of the country will be on him.