Successful Taekwondo Club in Thompson Town High School, Jamaica 

Taekwondo is not very popular among the rural areas of Jamaica but it has certainly been making an impact in the Thompson Town High School situated in Clarendon. A club with 25 members was initiated in 2012 and has been doing extremely well since then. The idea of having a taekwondo club is the innovation of the President of the Jamaican Taekwondo Academy, Trevor Webb.

Webb took a holistic approach and advocates students keeping up their grades besides taking part in extracurricular activities like taekwondo. He has organized many taekwondo camps in Kingston and tries to ensure that schoolwork gains just as much importance.

Lately training has been more intense than usual as they plan on participating in numerous tournaments this year. Not only will they take part in 10 tournaments in Jamaica itself, but those members of Thompson High who have been selected will fly to the United States of America Open.

Thompson Town High had emerged victorious in their very first championship in 2013 and proud Principal Richard Morgan heaps praises on them. He is elated by the fact that this team from such a small rural area was able to achieve something like this. He plans on helping this team to defend their taekwondo title and keep the trophy.

The benefit of this club is that it gives the students a chance to take part in extracurricular activities and do something more. They can develop themselves in something beyond academics. It teaches the students discipline and self-control, something that is truly required in today’s day and age.

10th grade student, Julian Cole has been one of the most outstanding taekwondo students, earning for her school twelve medals and two trophies.  She claims that training, perseverance and discipline are the motivating factors of her success.

They are now looking for sponsorships to help equip students with uniforms and other equipment.