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    According to the original plan, Vitor Belfort, MMA legend was to take on Nate Marquardt on June 3, the main card of UFC 212,in a fight that will go down as the last of his legendary career.

    However, it seems his fighting days are far from over. Recent reports has it that since the announcement of his retirement fight with Marquardt, Belfort has backtracked on his retirement fights.

    His current position now suggests that even though this might be his last fight in the UFC, it would not be his last overall.

    After making the necessary clarifications on the circumstances surrounding his upcoming fight with Marquardt, Gustavo Lacerda, Belfort’s manager who spoke to the MMA Ganhador podcast has offered up even more information.

    Lacerda believes that Belfort is well suited to continue a fighting career, despite his hormonal deficiency which is known to almost everyone. He also hopes that they can take fights one after, first finishing the one with Marquardt and then looking on for better days. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen Supports His Fighter As A Coach 

    The middleweight contender of UFC Chael Sonnen, who made his debut in UFC against the former light heavyweight fighter Renato Sobral at UFC 55, is known for his excellent wrestling skills.

    This happily married American mixed martial athlete last competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the light heavyweight division. He has done well as a coach and has always supported his fighters. The recent argument with John Kavanagh, who is the head coach for McGregor, is the best example that proves how supportive and defensive he can get when his fighters are targeted.

    The head coach Kavanagh recently made comments on Twitter and interviews regarding Chael Sonnen’s fighter stating that he was unfit to fight at UFC 205 and also asked fans to go against him. Chael Sonnen has always shown immense respect while talking about coaches. Sonnen was supportive throughout and also said that if there is any kind of contradiction between coach and fighter it does not really show a good picture. (More …)

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    MMA Pound for Pound Champion Anderson Silva 



    Anderson who is also known as The Spider born in Barazil in April 14, 1975. He is a professional mixed material art fighter of Brazilian. Although known primarily for his skills in Muay Thai, Silva is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which he earned in 2006 from Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira. He first started martial arts at age 14 doing Tae kwon do and earned a black belt by the age of 18. He is also a black belt in Judo and a yellow rope in Capoeira. He has competed in other promotions like PRIDE Fighting Championship, Shooto, and Rumble on the Rock, and holds wins over fighters such as Rich Franklin, Hayato Sakurai, Carlos Newton, and Lee Murray. Silva is generally considered one of the top fighters at 185 lbs (84 kg) in mixed martial arts, and is also thought to be one of the most dangerous strikers in the sport.

    Andeson is UFC MMA Pound for Pound middleweight Champion of 2009 by UFC.

    Mixed Martial Art Career:

    According to wikipedia Anderson Silva initially fought in the Mecca organization in Brazil. Silva lost his first fight to Luiz Azeredo by split decision. After that fight, he went on a nine-fight winning streak, winning six of those fights by either submission or TKO. After winning his first match in Japan he was put up against Shooto champion Hayato Sakurai on August 26, 2001. Silva beat Sakurai by unanimous decision after three rounds and became the new Shooto Middleweight Champion (at 167 lb) and the first man to defeat Sakurai who was undefeated in his first 20 fights.

    Silva fought in the Mecca organization in Brazil. Silva lost his first fight to Luiz Azeredo by decision. After that fight, he went on a nine-fight winning streak, winning 6 of those fights by either submission or TKO. His first match in Japan was against Shooto Champion Hayato Sakurai. Silva was the first person to beat Sakurai, and became the new Shooto Middleweight(167 lb) Champion.

    Film Career:

    Anderson Silva appeared in Never Surrender in 2009.

    Favorite Technique:

    Anderson Silva love to stand up and exchange, but he also really enjoy fighting on the ground too.

    Anderson Silva in Shorts:

    • Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
    • Weight: 205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st)
    • Division: 185, 205, & 170 (pre-2003)
    • Reach: 77.6 in (197 cm)
    • Style: Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Capoeira
    • Stance: Southpaw
    • Team: Black House
    • MMA record (Total: 29, Wins: 25, Losses: 4)

    In Simple Anderson Silva “The Spider” has ability to maintain his title for MMA Pound for Pound

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    International Martial Arts (MMA) 

    Most of people around the world thoght that only Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Taekwondo count as MMA sports but in this post i will tell you other MMA sports which are not count as MMA but truly part of MMA. And very year MMA Pound for Pound ranking announced for all these sports. Here is the list of those MMA sports which are MMA but people dont know about it:

    1. Karate [Wikipedia]
    2. Tae Kwon Do [Wikipedia]
    3. Judo [Wikipedia]
    4. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu [Wikipedia]
    5. Kung Fu (Wushu) [Wikipedia]
    6. Capoeira [Wikipedia]
    7. Arnis / Escrima / Kali [Wikipedia]
    8. Muay Thai [Wikipedia]
    9. Krav Maga [Wikipedia]
    10. Jeet Kune Do [Wikipedia]

    I have added wikipedia link with each MMA sport, so you can find out more information about it

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      i was a KARATEKA 🙂
      *means karatist???*

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