Mendes wants either of Jose Aldo or Ricardo Lamas 

Chad Mendes underwent the proverbial hell and did everything he could possibly do to become the standout member in Team Alpha Male as well as making sure that he wasn’t the odd fighter out in the crowded picture for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Featherweight Championship and also became the first man to knock out Clay Guida in his 44 fights as a professional.

And with the victory, Mendes has amassed a record of four straight wins in the division since he lost his last match against the reigning UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo at UFC 142. And now, Money believes he has done more than enough to earn another crack at the Brazilian and his title and he has another back up plan up his sleeve if Aldo isn’t healthy enough to get back inside the UFC Octagon any time soon.

In a recent tweet, Mendes called out Jose Aldo and told him it was time for a rematch for the title, adding that at this moment, he doesn’t see anyone other than himself as the number one contender for the UFC Featherweight Championship.

He also sent out another tweet to Ricardo Lamas, mentioning that if Aldo isn’t fit enough to make it to Octagon, the two of them should fight each other to decide who the number one contender for the title should be. Mendes is currently the top ranked fighter in the 145 lbs division but he will have a difficult time if he has to face Lamas, who is also on a four match winning streak.

However, it is unclear what the next move for Jose Aldo would be after Dana White categorically refused to confirm that they were ever in talks for a super fight against Anthony Pettis, who will face TJ Grant for the 155 lbs title.