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    Chael Sonnen says Wanderlei making bad choices 

    To say Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen were close friends would be a slight exaggeration. By almost all accounts, the two had been the worst of enemies throughout their stints in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC.

    The two were scheduled to fight at UFC 175 to put to bed the long standing feud but a failed drugs test from the American and the Brazilian’s reluctance to take the drugs test meant that it wasn’t meant to be.

    Both are retired from the sport now spends his time as an analyst for ESPN while the Brazilian also spends much of his time in front of his time in front of a camera, blasting what the UFC has become following its mainstream corporate takeover and accused them of slavery and underpaying the fighters. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen Guessed About Cocaine Problem 

    Chael Sonnen is as good a MMA fighter as he is a talker. It is no doubt that he was in the top most middleweight person of the year. In the recent years he has taken the troll to yet another level. In 2013 before the fight between him and Jon Jones he had guessed that Jones was taking in cocaine.

    The fight in April 2013 is remembered by most as it was UFC 159. Coca Cola is what he was seen drinking and of course, Coca Cola has derived its name from Cocaine but what was interesting was that at that time everybody overlooked what he was drinking and the striking similarity. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen says GSP superior athlete to Anderson 

    Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is widely regarded as the greatest fighter in the history of Mixed Martial Arts and the top pound for pound fighter, but according to his one time nemesis, the Brazilian is not as good as the UFC has people believe.

    Chael Sonnen, who suffered two consecutive defeats at the hands of the Brazilian believes former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is a more complete fighter as well as the better athlete when compared to The Spider.

    And the American Gangster says he talks from experience when he makes the comparison and as a result, he is the best person to make a judgement.

    Sonnen was speaking to Nate Diaz in a talk show as the UFC builds up to the Nick Diaz v/s Anderson Silva fight at UFC 183 in January, 2015 where he said that he has fought with Anderson Silva twice and he has worked with Rush as well and he had a much tougher time against the Canadian than the Brazilian.

    Chael Sonnen said that was his own experience, adding that he knows style and swagger do make their way into the comparison but in terms of pure athleticism and talent, Rush was far superior compared to Anderson.

    He told Nate Diaz that he believes his brother has been in fights that have been a lot tougher and he doesn’t think Nick Diaz will realize that a few minutes into the fight. But Chael Sonnen reiterated again that Silva is very good and his comments are in, no way, meant to be derogatory towards him, but he is just not as good as the UFC has people believe.

    The American said that Nick Diaz has a good chance of beating Anderson especially now that he is coming back from injury and is not in prime condition.

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    Chael Sonnen comments make Velasquez laugh 

    Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez doesn’t like running his mouth before a fight, rather letting his fist do the talking inside the Octagon. And although he doesn’t do much trash talking himself, he is also not against the concept of winding up an opponent before a fight, especially if it is a big one. And like many people, he is fond of the antics of the American Gangster Chael Sonnen, who he claims, is his favorite smack talker.

    Speaking to FOX News, the Cuban American stated that if trash talking works for any fighter, then it is absolutely fine with him. He added that he thinks Sonnen uses smack talking in the funniest way possible before going on to mention he thinks it is absolutely hilarious how he goes about talking trash ahead of any match he is scheduled to participate in.

    Chael Sonnen has developed quite the reputation of being the biggest trash talker in the UFC, almost talking his way into a second UFC Middleweight Championship bout against the reigning champion Anderson Silva when there were contenders ranked far higher than him. And if it means insulting a fighter, he will do it but he does it in such a way that even an insult seems to be funny, especially if you are watching it from the sidelines.

    And ahead of the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Brazilian Jon Jones, the American is back to his trash talking best as he tried to wind up the soft spoken Bones into a verbal confrontation, succeeding somewhat was well.

    And Cain Velasquez, who defends the UFC Heavyweight Championship against Antonio Silva at UFC 160, the antics of Chael Sonnen is something that makes him laugh his heart out and that is something he really enjoys.

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    Chael Sonnen surprised at rankings snub 

    Former contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship Chael Sonnen is one big casualty from official UFC rankings. Following the end of UFC 156, the first pay per view of the company in 2013, the UFC released the first ever ranking system for the promotion where the top ten fighters from each weight class are listed according to their performances. And in a post on the popular social networking site Twitter, the man who calls himself the Oregon Gangster seemed extremely surprised after missing out on the rankings in both the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight divisions.

    The American already has started considering himself as one of the top fighters in the Light Heavyweight division in the world, in spite of the fact that he is yet to set foot in the Octagon as a Light Heavyweight in the promotion. And Chael Sonnen vented his frustration on Twitter where he stated that the rankings for the Light Heavyweight division might as well been listed backwards as it would make the same sense without him at the top of the list. The list was formulated by members of the media handpicked by the promotion and were selected as per votes.

    Many would say that Sonnen deserves to be within the top five of any rankings in the Middleweight division in the world, but it may be said that he was left out of the rankings because of his recent move to the 205 lbs division.

    Many people believe that Chael Sonnen doesn’t even deserve a title shot after his devastating loss to Anderson Silva but it is a fact that the American is a huge draw for the company. Whether this snub spurs him on to do better, only time will tell when he faces Jon Jones in April.

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    Chael Sonnen gets Presidential support 

    Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen is famed as much for the trash talking he does before and after any match as what he does inside the ring, and yet, he has an extremely loyal fan base throughout his native in the United States of America. These loyal fans pay huge amounts of money to watch him in UFC pay per view events, wait in line in the rain and snow for hours and hours just to catch a glimpse of the former Middleweight fighter, to take a photograph with him or get him to sign an autograph.

    And as if that was not enough, one fan thinks so highly of him that he or she went on to vote for Chael Sonnen in the US Presidential elections of 2012. According to a recent report in The New York Times, one vote among all those count was tallied in the favor of the American Gangster. The official election results for the city of New York were posted a couple of days back and it has been revealed that Sonnen has received the same number of votes as the mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

    Although the voter probably knew that his or her vote would not result in the American taking over from Barack Obama as the President of the United States of America, he or she must have been aware of the political ambitions of the UFC fighter who ran for a seat in the Senate back in 2010 from his home state of Oregon, withdrawing at the last moment due to legal disputes.

    Now, Chael Sonnen must get over the failed dream of presidency and concentrate on how to defeat Jon Jones at the end of April for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

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    Quinton Jackson can’t even beat Ronda Rousey 

    Ronda Rousy recently became the first woman to sign a deal with UFC and Chael Sonnen, the “Oregon Gangster”, congratulated the lady on her achievements. But he didn’t stop there. He then went on to pass the comment that his old rival Quinton Jackson, now-a-days, can’t beat Rousy.

    Well, this is some comment! With their rivalry getting bitter day by day, Sonnen’s comment is expected to add fuel to the rivalry. When Rampage was asked to comment about this, he said that Chael Sonnen is a fighter he is least interested in. he asserted that it was a rubbish statement.

    The boxing world knows Sonnen for his trash-talks and he has an inborn instinct of irritating people with his comments. In the past, while he was busy in his epic battle against Anderson Silva, he made some controversial comments which moved the entire Brazil. It seems that Sonnen doesn’t know the limits where to stop.

    This is exactly where Rampage Jackson points to. Jackson admitted that he himself has the tendency of making some trash comments but he also said that Sonnen’s comment was over the top. According to Jackson he talks trash about his competitors with whom he actually fights. They belong to his weight-class. But Sonnen, said Jackson, talks trash about people who are not even in his weight-class.

    There is a possibility that Chael Sonnen and Quinton Jackson may be put into a match as Sonnen recently moves up to light heavyweight division. But that is less likely to happen as Sonnen will be fighting the UFC Champion Jon Jones in the month of April and Jackson will be engaged with Glover Teixeira in January. If there is a new deal in the UFC then only this rivalry can be brought into the ring. Unless it will remain verbal!

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    Chael Sonnen should Focus on Forrest Griffin 

    We have all experienced this in some form or another. In a team sport, there are, on some occasions, an overwhelming favorite and an underdog ahead of a match. But there have been many instances when the favorite have been laid flat by the underdog. And the question here would be is the former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship contender Chael Sonnen heading for a similar fate?

    There is no doubt that Sonnen is an overwhelming favorite against the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin when they fight each other in December in Las Vegas. Although the Vegas line doesn’t show Sonnen as the overwhelming favorite, anyone who has seen Griffin in action in his last match against Tito Ortiz will know that he is long past his days in the sun. It would be extremely irresponsible to think that Chael Sonnen is not smart or experienced enough to take Griffin lightly.

    However, for anyone who has seen how Sonnen acts, it can be said that he is extremely calculating in the way he conducts himself. However, it would be a bit reassuring for the fans and the management of the UFC to see him focus his energy in public to the match against Griffin, instead of running his mouth over a possible match against Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

    Sonnen just doesn’t talk about the fight with Griffin. Instead, he just keeps on talking about a way to save UFC 151 and his intervention in the event by fighting Jones for the title. And Chael Sonnen should probably be aware of the fact that if he loses the match against Forrest Griffin would put him in the back for a shot at the title, something he faced in the Middleweight division, causing him to switch classes.

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    Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva? 

    Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight fighter Chael Sonnen is definitely moving up a weight class. Just a week after losing the UFC Middleweight Championship match against Anderson Silva at UFC 148 for the second time, Sonnen was linked with a move up to the 205lbs division. The man himself, who has experience of fighting as a Light Heavyweight in the past was open to a move up a division is order to land some big fights and a title shot in order to find a way to bypass the logjam ahead of him for the UFC Middleweight Championship.

    The American has since revealed that he will fight someone in a heavier division. However, the next opponent for his fight is not actually linked to any particularly division as he revealed he will go up to the ‘grudge weight’ of 200lbs for the fight. Chael Sonnen did not, however, name any opponent when he posted the message on the social networking website of Twitter.

    While the interest Sonnen has of fighting someone from a different weight class is quite obvious, the American stopped short of naming anyone in the message he posted on Twitter and that has sparked various rumors regarding who his potential opponent might be. The names of Wanderlei Silva as well as Vitor Belfort have come up as potential opponents for Sonnen, considering the fact that he has had verbal exchanges with them in the past.

    However, at the moment, it seems that Wanderlei Silva is the most likely opponent for Sonnen, considering the fact that Belfort has other engagements. And considering their past history, it would only be logical if Chael Sonnen took on the Brazilian in a grudge match at a weight category which is between both the weight classifications that the UFC allows.

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    Rampage tells Chael Sonnen to Leave the UFC 

    Quinton Rampage Jackson has blasted fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC fighter Chael Sonnen after his crushing second round knockout defeat at the hands of the UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 148, stating that he should keep his words and walk out of the company. These comments from Rampage stem from the fact that Sonnen had challenged Silva to a ‘loser leaves town’ fight last year, when he was on a verbal rampage against Mixed Martial Artists from Brazil and promised to leave the UFC if Silva managed to defeat him in a rematch of their earlier UFC Middleweight Championship fight.

    Sonnen had called out Anderson Silva at the end of last year with an offer that he would walk out of the promotion if he was beaten and a promise that Silva would do the same if he was beaten. With such high stakes, the UFC granted a rematch to Chael Sonnen for the UFC Middleweight Championship, but he had withdrawn his offer by that time and Silva crushed him at UFC 148, knocking him out with a kick after just two rounds into the match.

    And although it is being believed that Sonnen is considering retiring from the industry, Quinton Rampage Jackson believes that no one in the UFC will miss his fellow American. Speaking to MMA Elite, Rampage, in his usual style stated that Sonnen was a disgrace in the match against Silva and added that he should find himself a company which would love his trash talking nonsense.

    Chael Sonnen had branded Rampage as a cry-baby earlier in the year and many believe these heated comments from Rampage are just means of exacting revenge on the former UFC Middleweight contender. Rampage also stated that he hated the guts of Sonnen and would be glad if he left.

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