Quinton Jackson can’t even beat Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousy recently became the first woman to sign a deal with UFC and Chael Sonnen, the “Oregon Gangster”, congratulated the lady on her achievements. But he didn’t stop there. He then went on to pass the comment that his old rival Quinton Jackson, now-a-days, can’t beat Rousy.

Well, this is some comment! With their rivalry getting bitter day by day, Sonnen’s comment is expected to add fuel to the rivalry. When Rampage was asked to comment about this, he said that Chael Sonnen is a fighter he is least interested in. he asserted that it was a rubbish statement.

The boxing world knows Sonnen for his trash-talks and he has an inborn instinct of irritating people with his comments. In the past, while he was busy in his epic battle against Anderson Silva, he made some controversial comments which moved the entire Brazil. It seems that Sonnen doesn’t know the limits where to stop.

This is exactly where Rampage Jackson points to. Jackson admitted that he himself has the tendency of making some trash comments but he also said that Sonnen’s comment was over the top. According to Jackson he talks trash about his competitors with whom he actually fights. They belong to his weight-class. But Sonnen, said Jackson, talks trash about people who are not even in his weight-class.

There is a possibility that Chael Sonnen and Quinton Jackson may be put into a match as Sonnen recently moves up to light heavyweight division. But that is less likely to happen as Sonnen will be fighting the UFC Champion Jon Jones in the month of April and Jackson will be engaged with Glover Teixeira in January. If there is a new deal in the UFC then only this rivalry can be brought into the ring. Unless it will remain verbal!