Pick And Prediction For Night Of The Champions

The show of the Night of the Champions is surely going to grab eyeballs from far and wide because of its glittering turnaround. More surprises are stored in for the wrestlers as they try to combat with other players.

It will be a combat between superstars. Dolph Ziggler is among the consistent stars present in the list of wrestlers. The championship of his Intercontinental version brought him back to the glory of WWE. He is back with greater force and motivation than ever. Latest gimmick of the Hollywood will be seen by the Miz. It will be an entertaining character which the fans will be drawing towards.

Sheamus has lost the vigour which he possessed and the shuffle is somewhere lost. It is predicted that Cesaro is going to win the event. Mark Henry is coinciding with Rusev which is going to be a strong match. The rivalry between the siblings is also going to be a treat for the eyes. Bella Twins will surely overshadow the other rivalry between the others. It is believed that Paige is going to be the future of the wrestling. Randy Orton is also coming into the event with less confidence than ever so it is going to be tough for him.

The Usos are seemingly trying to bring out the best in the card. The titles given by the tag would determine the character presentation of the event. Reigns has been hailed as a force who is unstoppable. Some also say that he is the next face of WWE. Seth Rollins has to beat Reigns so that he can stay on course. Top 10 means a lot for the wrestlers so all would be trying hard to come in top 10 to maintain their consistency and it will be great to watch who gets the better of who.