Chael Sonnen reveals the entertaining story of Floyd Mayweather

The Ex-UFC star Chael Sonnen has let out an entertaining side behind the scene story about his fellow boxer Floyd Mayweather before he suddenly gained fame.

Chael Sonnen has always been an interesting character for those familiar with UFC but for those not, he is a former world title challenger in the UFC turned colour commentator who now works in the media given his candidly entertaining personality.

The 39-year-old fighter narrated the story about how Mayweather behaved in the dressing room one time in a bout in Orgeon (where Sonnen is from) when Sonnen had been working for the Athletic commission in the State one night, supervising hand wrapping and the like.

He as well explained some of Mayweather’s humour, intriguing personality and how he is actually one of the good guys behind the camera and off the scenes, a trait which many may not see or know about because of the whole ‘Money’ mantra that the general public got used to when he made it into the land of fame.

At a point, he said he can confidently speak on Mayweather after he and a friend of his from Ireland several years back before he ever got into boxing writing, were given access to the Mayweather gym one sunny afternoon in August when Mayweather was getting ready for the Victor Ortiz fight.

He testified as to how they were treated with nothing but respect and they were the only guys given access to the gym that day outside of the usual circle and the HBO 24/7 camera that were filming at the time.

Sonnen vouched that Mayweather is not what people think he may be behind the camera, and can attend to anybody irrespective of whom you are or what you are, youngster or top level.