Chael Sonnen Guessed About Cocaine Problem

Chael Sonnen is as good a MMA fighter as he is a talker. It is no doubt that he was in the top most middleweight person of the year. In the recent years he has taken the troll to yet another level. In 2013 before the fight between him and Jon Jones he had guessed that Jones was taking in cocaine.

The fight in April 2013 is remembered by most as it was UFC 159. Coca Cola is what he was seen drinking and of course, Coca Cola has derived its name from Cocaine but what was interesting was that at that time everybody overlooked what he was drinking and the striking similarity.

Over the years it was the treatment which he undertook by which all got to know that he was suffering from cocaine consumption. He was tested positive for the test and yet another doping test in the history of sports came to be known worldwide. It is an absolute shame for the fighters to witness an incident like it but there is no stopping them from consuming it. It was the far sightedness of Chael which made and signalled the WWE about it.

The positive test result did not come as a surprise since he was renowned for being a partier. The opinion is divided as some believe that it is nothing so significant to take notice of. It might so happen that the coke incident may just be a coincidence. Whatever the truth might be it has not tarnished the reputation of Jones as insiders believe that cocaine and WWE have a strong relationship. It goes down memory lane and nothing to be taken care of. If proven guilty he will bear the brunt of his actions but the budding fighters should not take a cue out of his book.