Chael Sonnen says Wanderlei making bad choices

To say Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen were close friends would be a slight exaggeration. By almost all accounts, the two had been the worst of enemies throughout their stints in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC.

The two were scheduled to fight at UFC 175 to put to bed the long standing feud but a failed drugs test from the American and the Brazilian’s reluctance to take the drugs test meant that it wasn’t meant to be.

Both are retired from the sport now spends his time as an analyst for ESPN while the Brazilian also spends much of his time in front of his time in front of a camera, blasting what the UFC has become following its mainstream corporate takeover and accused them of slavery and underpaying the fighters.

Initially, fans did take a look at the accusations made by Wanderlei, but over time, it seems that the Brazilian has not been quite spot on. So much so, his former nemesis Chael Sonnen has come up with an explanation saying that as professional athletes, they go through life altering changes. He added that athletes don’t retire when they are 65 but much earlier and according to him, it seems that The Axe Murderer is struggling to cope with the changes that come with giving up the only thing that a professional knows how to do.

Sonnen has also advised Wanderlei Silva to take a step back and pay a lot more attention to the bigger details in life. Chael Sonnen said that they might have had issues with each other but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his nemesis to not have a good life. He went on to add that according to him, the Brazilian is making some bad choices and needs to reassess those.