Chael Sonnen And St-Pierre Make Their Comeback

Chael Sonnen and Georges St-Pierre are two famous fighters of the UFC who have not competed inside the Octagon since 2013, but there has been news that one or both of them could make an entry to the cage soon by this year.

St-Pierre, who is 35 years old, had taken an indefinite leave from UFC soon after he defended his welterweight title from Johny Hendricks. However, the rumor about his comeback has brought a whole lot of excitement and anticipation in recent months.

As far as Chael Sonnen is concerned, his comeback will certainly bring some life in the game of UFC. If he decides to come back, he will certainly gather some of his opponents and the prominent one is the former welterweight champion. Sonnen narrated an incident which took place while he was in Los Angeles. He received a call from Kenny Florian asking if he was interested to work out with Georges. As they started working out together, Sonnen realized that he could have performed better. Sonnen has played in the light heavyweight division of the UFC and is a retired martial artist.

The head MMA coach of Georges St-Pierre Firaz Zahabi said on several occasions that ST-Pierre has all the required abilities that can defeat anyone in the division of welterweight. But, St-Pierre made certain things clear about his comeback by saying that he would not want to fight for the 170 pound title, but he is on the lookout for some of the biggest and highly competitive fights possible. It may be with Anderson Silva or Conor McGregor. Or it could be with Sonnen to move up in weight and also put his skills. St-Pierre has never discontinued training in his layoff and he along with his manager has been in contact as far as the UFC is concerned. It is going to be an interesting fight with Chael Sonnen as there will be great competition which will excite the fans and viewers as well.