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    According to the original plan, Vitor Belfort, MMA legend was to take on Nate Marquardt on June 3, the main card of UFC 212,in a fight that will go down as the last of his legendary career.

    However, it seems his fighting days are far from over. Recent reports has it that since the announcement of his retirement fight with Marquardt, Belfort has backtracked on his retirement fights.

    His current position now suggests that even though this might be his last fight in the UFC, it would not be his last overall.

    After making the necessary clarifications on the circumstances surrounding his upcoming fight with Marquardt, Gustavo Lacerda, Belfort’s manager who spoke to the MMA Ganhador podcast has offered up even more information.

    Lacerda believes that Belfort is well suited to continue a fighting career, despite his hormonal deficiency which is known to almost everyone. He also hopes that they can take fights one after, first finishing the one with Marquardt and then looking on for better days. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen reveals the entertaining story of Floyd Mayweather 

    The Ex-UFC star Chael Sonnen has let out an entertaining side behind the scene story about his fellow boxer Floyd Mayweather before he suddenly gained fame.

    Chael Sonnen has always been an interesting character for those familiar with UFC but for those not, he is a former world title challenger in the UFC turned colour commentator who now works in the media given his candidly entertaining personality.

    The 39-year-old fighter narrated the story about how Mayweather behaved in the dressing room one time in a bout in Orgeon (where Sonnen is from) when Sonnen had been working for the Athletic commission in the State one night, supervising hand wrapping and the like.

    He as well explained some of Mayweather’s humour, intriguing personality and how he is actually one of the good guys behind the camera and off the scenes, a trait which many may not see or know about because of the whole ‘Money’ mantra that the general public got used to when he made it into the land of fame. (More …)

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    One of the greatest – and most controversial – names in MMA comes out of his retirement.

    The Associated Press revealed late Thursday that Chael Sonnen (28-14-1 MMA, 0-0 BMMA) would get back into action for the first time since Nov. 16, 2013, after agreeing to a multiyear, multi-fight contract with Bellator.

    The promotion later verified the news, saying Sonnen is going to contend in its light heavyweight division. While he was in the UFC, Sonnen twice fought for the middleweight trophy, losing twice to then-champ Anderson Silva, and also fought for the 205-pound title then retained by Jon Jones. He ended up losing all three fights by stoppage.

    “I’m consistently mesmerized by the product and presentation that Bellator is delivering to the fans,” Sonnen stated. “I’m on no account done competing, and I’m coming after every person, everywhere. I’m not attaching to one weight class either. I fight at ‘Gangster Weight,’ and no one is safe.” (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen And St-Pierre Make Their Comeback 

    Chael Sonnen and Georges St-Pierre are two famous fighters of the UFC who have not competed inside the Octagon since 2013, but there has been news that one or both of them could make an entry to the cage soon by this year.

    St-Pierre, who is 35 years old, had taken an indefinite leave from UFC soon after he defended his welterweight title from Johny Hendricks. However, the rumor about his comeback has brought a whole lot of excitement and anticipation in recent months.

    As far as Chael Sonnen is concerned, his comeback will certainly bring some life in the game of UFC. If he decides to come back, he will certainly gather some of his opponents and the prominent one is the former welterweight champion. Sonnen narrated an incident which took place while he was in Los Angeles. He received a call from Kenny Florian asking if he was interested to work out with Georges. As they started working out together, Sonnen realized that he could have performed better. Sonnen has played in the light heavyweight division of the UFC and is a retired martial artist.
    (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen Supports His Fighter As A Coach 

    The middleweight contender of UFC Chael Sonnen, who made his debut in UFC against the former light heavyweight fighter Renato Sobral at UFC 55, is known for his excellent wrestling skills.

    This happily married American mixed martial athlete last competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the light heavyweight division. He has done well as a coach and has always supported his fighters. The recent argument with John Kavanagh, who is the head coach for McGregor, is the best example that proves how supportive and defensive he can get when his fighters are targeted.

    The head coach Kavanagh recently made comments on Twitter and interviews regarding Chael Sonnen’s fighter stating that he was unfit to fight at UFC 205 and also asked fans to go against him. Chael Sonnen has always shown immense respect while talking about coaches. Sonnen was supportive throughout and also said that if there is any kind of contradiction between coach and fighter it does not really show a good picture. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen believes Lesnar can still join UFC 

    Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, like most fans, was looking forward to the return of Brock Lesnar to the Octagon after four years away from the promotion and like any other fan; he was also left disappointed when Lesnar announced a renewal of his contract with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). But the American is not willing to close the door on his return to the UFC for good.

    But Sonnen also said that he completely understood what Lesnar meant when he said that his legacy inside the cage in the UFC was over.

    The American is currently working as an analyst for the UFC and Chael Sonnen feels that the comments made by Lesnar was pretty obvious in nature – he tried his best to make it feel as if he was ready to return to fighting again competitively.

    Lesnar, although never had the best record in the UFC as well as in Mixed Martial Arts, was a devastating combat fighter in his prime at the UFC but his prime was too short. He was on the verge of becoming a free agent with his WWE contract nearing an end and made enough overtures to the UFC for fans to think he was coming back. However, that wasn’t to be and he recently announced that he had signed a new deal with the promotion. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen says Wanderlei making bad choices 

    To say Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen were close friends would be a slight exaggeration. By almost all accounts, the two had been the worst of enemies throughout their stints in the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC.

    The two were scheduled to fight at UFC 175 to put to bed the long standing feud but a failed drugs test from the American and the Brazilian’s reluctance to take the drugs test meant that it wasn’t meant to be.

    Both are retired from the sport now spends his time as an analyst for ESPN while the Brazilian also spends much of his time in front of his time in front of a camera, blasting what the UFC has become following its mainstream corporate takeover and accused them of slavery and underpaying the fighters. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen Guessed About Cocaine Problem 

    Chael Sonnen is as good a MMA fighter as he is a talker. It is no doubt that he was in the top most middleweight person of the year. In the recent years he has taken the troll to yet another level. In 2013 before the fight between him and Jon Jones he had guessed that Jones was taking in cocaine.

    The fight in April 2013 is remembered by most as it was UFC 159. Coca Cola is what he was seen drinking and of course, Coca Cola has derived its name from Cocaine but what was interesting was that at that time everybody overlooked what he was drinking and the striking similarity. (More …)

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    Chael Sonnen says GSP superior athlete to Anderson 

    Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is widely regarded as the greatest fighter in the history of Mixed Martial Arts and the top pound for pound fighter, but according to his one time nemesis, the Brazilian is not as good as the UFC has people believe.

    Chael Sonnen, who suffered two consecutive defeats at the hands of the Brazilian believes former UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is a more complete fighter as well as the better athlete when compared to The Spider.

    And the American Gangster says he talks from experience when he makes the comparison and as a result, he is the best person to make a judgement.

    Sonnen was speaking to Nate Diaz in a talk show as the UFC builds up to the Nick Diaz v/s Anderson Silva fight at UFC 183 in January, 2015 where he said that he has fought with Anderson Silva twice and he has worked with Rush as well and he had a much tougher time against the Canadian than the Brazilian.

    Chael Sonnen said that was his own experience, adding that he knows style and swagger do make their way into the comparison but in terms of pure athleticism and talent, Rush was far superior compared to Anderson.

    He told Nate Diaz that he believes his brother has been in fights that have been a lot tougher and he doesn’t think Nick Diaz will realize that a few minutes into the fight. But Chael Sonnen reiterated again that Silva is very good and his comments are in, no way, meant to be derogatory towards him, but he is just not as good as the UFC has people believe.

    The American said that Nick Diaz has a good chance of beating Anderson especially now that he is coming back from injury and is not in prime condition.

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    Pick And Prediction For Night Of The Champions 

    The show of the Night of the Champions is surely going to grab eyeballs from far and wide because of its glittering turnaround. More surprises are stored in for the wrestlers as they try to combat with other players.

    It will be a combat between superstars. Dolph Ziggler is among the consistent stars present in the list of wrestlers. The championship of his Intercontinental version brought him back to the glory of WWE. He is back with greater force and motivation than ever. Latest gimmick of the Hollywood will be seen by the Miz. It will be an entertaining character which the fans will be drawing towards.

    Sheamus has lost the vigour which he possessed and the shuffle is somewhere lost. It is predicted that Cesaro is going to win the event. Mark Henry is coinciding with Rusev which is going to be a strong match. The rivalry between the siblings is also going to be a treat for the eyes. Bella Twins will surely overshadow the other rivalry between the others. It is believed that Paige is going to be the future of the wrestling. Randy Orton is also coming into the event with less confidence than ever so it is going to be tough for him.

    The Usos are seemingly trying to bring out the best in the card. The titles given by the tag would determine the character presentation of the event. Reigns has been hailed as a force who is unstoppable. Some also say that he is the next face of WWE. Seth Rollins has to beat Reigns so that he can stay on course. Top 10 means a lot for the wrestlers so all would be trying hard to come in top 10 to maintain their consistency and it will be great to watch who gets the better of who.

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